Mission Statement:

My mission as principal of Point Pleasant Junior Senior High School is to provide a safe and caring environment which cultivates learning and high expectations for all students and staff through collaborative teams and a professional learning community that prepares all students for post- secondary success.

I will provide support to all stakeholders by actively searching, participating, developing and leading our staff in high yield strategies, data analysis, support practices that ensure learning for all students with the four questions of a Professional Learning Community as the core component of our school.

Principal William F. Cottrill

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

My mission as Assistant Principal of Pt. Pleasant Jr/Sr HS is to promote an safe learning environment for all students that prepares them for success beyond High School in whichever path they choose whether it be college, technical/trade school, military or entering the work force.

I will provide support to students, staff and parents to help achieve success for all students.

My mission as assistant principal of Point Pleasant Junior Senior High School is to provide a learning environment in which all students are given the opportunity to learn. Students will develop an individualized learning pathway in which they will receive the educational opportunity to become a successful person upon graduating high school. I will work with the teachers to develop a master schedule to provide a learning opportunity to prepare all students academically, socially, and emotionally to be successful in life. Involving both students and teachers ensures an optimal learning environment at PPJSHS.

As a School Counselor at Point Pleasant Junior Senior High School I will help provide an atmosphere of security, warmth, and encouragement for students and staff.  I will help students work to reach their fullest educational potential in the areas of academic, career, emotional health and well being. I will also commit to establish a solid foundation as students successfully manage their lives as healthy, responsible and productive citizens who respect themselves and others.

My mission as a counselor at PPJSHS is to create an atmosphere of caring and acceptance to promote an environment in which students feel cared about and supported on a level that will allow them to be emotionally safe so they can be academically successful and in turn prepare themselves during their time in school to be college or career ready.
I will provide this atmosphere by working closely with our counseling department to provide support for our teachers and administration by educating our students on a social and emotional level, providing academic support whenever possible through collaboration with available resources, and exposing our students to as many career options as possible.  I will also seek as much professional development as is available and allowed in order to provide the most up to date and evidence based knowledge I can to our students. 

My mission as a social worker at Point Pleasant Junior Senior High School is to provide and advocate for a therapeutic and supportive environment in which students from all socioeconomic backgrounds can flourish in a school setting that allows each student to experience success.

I will provide support to students, families and staff through advocacy, family engagement, developing therapeutic relationships and an advanced understanding of ones story.